Best Twin Mattress for Daybed Buying Guide

Why do you need a daybed? You can use the day bed to take a power nap or allow the guests to sleep on it peacefully with comfort. A daybed is quite helpful and works well along with any furniture and room. Therefore, you cannot measure the versatility of a daybed.

A daybed can be simply called a bed but a framed twin bed on three sides. You can use the daybed as a couch or sofa for your living room. Though the daybed comes in a large or full-sized mattress, a twin mattress is the best daybed mattress due to maximum comfort.

Shopping for the best twin mattress for a daybed isn’t much of a big ordeal when we provide you with the best twin mattress in this article. Towards the end, you will find a buying guide to help you make a well-informed decision.

Benefits of Twin Mattress for Day Bed Over Normal Bed

Why should you choose only a twin mattress for a daybed? If that question came across your mind right now, we have heard it already. Let’s see what benefits twin mattresses have over the normal bed.


Twin mattresses are budget-friendly than normal mattresses. The reason for the high cost of a normal mattress is they comprised of several beds. On the other hand, Twin mattresses are cheaper as the accessories, pillows, sheets, and even frames are not expensive.

Ease of Movement

With the size 39 X 75 inches, the twin mattress is small and lightweight compared to normal beds. You can easily move the twin mattress in your room or take it outside. Besides, you can compress twin mattresses for flexible movements. The normal mattresses are generally heavy, and it seems like a challenging task to move them.

Save Space

Because a twin mattress is small in size, it takes less space in the room in comparison to a normal bed. The normal beds are wider, meaning it requires more space. For narrow bedrooms and small living spaces, twin mattresses make a great choice.

Suitable for Children and Single Person

Twin mattresses are great for a single person as they allow them to relax comfortably without taking much space. For children, in addition to using it as a daybed, you can use it as a child’s bed at night.

Best Twin Mattress for Daybed – Reviews

We have selected and reviewed the best twin mattress for daybed based on features, comfort, and customer feedback in this section. By doing so, we tried to prevent you from spending your time and efforts by looking endlessly for the best daybed mattress in the market.

So, let’s not give another thought and directly begin with our detailed reviews.

1. Zinus 8 Inch Ultima Memory Foam Mattress

Do you face backache or neck pain when you wake up in the morning? Now, it’s time to bid goodbye to your back pain forever with Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress. The memory form mattress is by far the top mattress in the market. Its exceptional features and affordable price makes it worth purchasing.

The mattress is 8 inches in size, composed of a 2-inch memory foam layer, 2-inch comfort foam layer, and 4-inch layer of high-density foam. The comfort foam layer helps relieve pressure points while the memory foam layer conforms to your body contours.

With Bio-Foam technology, the twin mattress has eliminated the use of petroleum-based components. What does this mean? That means your best twin mattress for the daybed is free from chemicals and safe for your body and overall health. Also, BioFoam keeps the mattress fresh and free from strong odors.

The twin mattress is infused with green tea extracts and active charcoal, which maintains the mattress’s freshness for a long time. They also help to absorb the moisture and maintain the body temperature. You will have a cool sleeping surface for a comfortable sleep all night.

What’s more? The twin mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, meaning it strictly meets the guideline set for environmental stewardship, physical performance, and indoor emission. That way, you have the guarantee that you are using a mattress with the best materials.


  • Boasts innovate design for storage
  • Quality construction for long-lasting durability and comfort
  • Ergonomic and Comfortable mattress
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • Some users have issues with fiberglass
  • Mattress can sag after some time

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2. LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the best twin mattress for daybed because of the amount of comfort it provides. The two foam layers offer both temperature regulation and comfort.

Being dual-layered, meaning the twin mattress is equipped with both Gel Memory Form and Memory Foam. The memory foam helps to control pressure and temperature while adjusting to your body alignment. However, memory foam can become too hot.

To counterbalance the overheating by memory foam, gel memory helps to cool down the overall temperature. The memory foam’s top layer is comprised of gel droplets, which comes with a specific heat capacity to prevent an increase in mattress temperature.

Undoubtedly, the comfort is amazing as the mattress is quite firm. Also, many chiropractors and doctors suggest firm mattress for deeper sleep and better support to your body. Moreover, they prevent the risk of joint and muscle misalignment.

In addition, the twin mattress comes with a Tencel cover. Tencel has hydrophilic nanofibers that absorb the moisture. By retaining moisture, the cover improves airflow and provides softness to the mattress.

Lastly, you can easily compress the mattress to store. It can also be set as a children’s bed or for guests at the house. Moreover, the mattress will last long due to its open cell structure.


  • Gel form maintains and controls the heat
  • Memory foam helps to improve body posture
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a Tencel Cover
  • Has pin-sized hole for airflow


  • Mattress is quite thin

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3. Zinus 8-Inch Quilted Pocket Spring Mattress

While looking for the best daybed mattress, you should observe the design of the mattress. The design will help you to determine whether the mattress is durable and supportive or not. This will assure you of comfortable sleep during the night.

Zinus 8-inch Quilted Pocket Spring Mattress comes with a conforming form that offers excellent softness. Besides, the steel coils are wrapped individually to add stability, motion separation, and customization as per your spinal alignment. For back & stomach sleepers, there is no other mattress so comfortable than Zinus Quilted Mattress.

The mattress is comprised of two layers. The upper layer has ultra-plush foam, which provides comfort and support to your back. The second layer is a 7.5-inch iCoil support base with pocketed spring that involves motion transfer to prevent any disturbance while sleeping.

In terms of quality, the uppermost layer is CertiPUR-US certified. That means your mattress is safe and does not contain harmful chemicals like mercury, formaldehyde, lead, or ozone depleters. Moreover, it provides better air quality by maintaining VOC.

If you use this mattress, you will wake up feeling energized and refreshed because the fiber cover comes with soft bio-foam. It won’t let the mattress absorb heat even if you keep laying on the bed the whole day.

For obvious reasons, the highlight of the mattress is the iCoil system, which let you sleep peacefully without the creaky or annoying noise whenever you move.


  • Easy to clean cover with mild detergent and cold water
  • Highly affordable
  • iCoil system prevents movement for peaceful sleep
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Environmentally friendly mattress


  • Lacking breathability
  • Lack durability

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4. Signature Sleep Memoir 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep is one such brand that never fails to disappoint you with its top quality and superior comfort. With an 8-inch thick twin mattress, it is comprised of a 6-inch high-density foam layer and a 2-inch memory foam layer for unparalleled comfort.

The memory foam layer helps to support your body by conforming to your body shape. Therefore, it makes the best daybed mattress. In addition, you can also use it for a bunk bed or as a trundle mattress.

You don’t have to worry about your health or skin irritation with this mattress. You will not find harmful chemicals like PBDE or TCEP that is most likely present on other mattresses. Featuring low VOC emissions, the mattress also regulates airflow inside the mattress.

In terms of support, your body weight remains balanced and evenly distributed over the mattress. The mattress helps relieve the pressure on the feet, shoulders, hips, and other body parts. Another thing, it prevents motion disturbance while you sleep.

The soft fabric cover is another highlighting feature of this mattress, soft to the skin and highly durable. Overall, the mattress offers years of durability and maximum comfort to your body.


  • Designed with high-quality materials
  • Relieves pressure on your body
  • Comfortable soft knit fabric cover
  • Memory foam conforms to the body shape
  • Motion transfer for peaceful sleep


  • Inconsistent thickness of the mattress
  • Some users have fiberglass complaints on the inner cover

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5. LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID has been in the mattress market for seven years now. They have been selling a variety of latex, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses. Also, you will find many affordable mattresses from LUCID if you are budget conscious.

The twin mattress is a dual-layer mattress comprised of a 7.5-inch high-density foam layer and 2.5-inch memory foam, and a gel-infused surface. The mattress offers a Medium-firm feels as you sit or lay on the mattress.

The interesting feature is the cooling technology. The ventilated memory foam base, along with gel, dissipates heat. Thus, it makes a great choice to regular your body temperature if you feel hot while sleeping.

With a 10-inch thickness, you can have perfect support to your legs due to the perfect sloping angle. The Tencel blend fabric cover controls the moisture on the mattress and regulates the airflow.

Being CertiPUR-US certified, the twin mattress is hypoallergic and safe to use around pets and children. Furthermore, the gel-infused memory foam helps relieve the pressure point so that you always feel fresh and energetic.


  • Quick to expand
  • Comes with exceptional cooling technology
  • Medium-firm feel to relieve from backache
  • Comfortable while sitting
  • Breathable and softcover


  • Can feel a slight sink as you sleep

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6. SoundAsleep Raised Twin Size Premium Air Mattress

For people looking for the best twin mattress for daybed but are budget-conscious, SoundAsleep Raised Twin Size Premium Air Mattress is the best choice. Donned with amazing features, it offers superior comfort and durability.

The twin mattress is equipped with a comfort coil technology design. With the help of coils, you get the best support, and it also adds to the durability of the whole mattress. Furthermore, the mattress is ideal for all body sizes and shapes.

Another feature is the patented 1-click inbuilt pump. It makes inflation and deflation of the mattress quick. The mattress is designed for home use, where the feature is quite effective as it can fully inflate within three minutes.

The double-height design of the mattress is the result of dual-chamber construction, which ensures the sure-grip touch. The sure-grip bottom provides a solid grip to prevent slipping as you sleep.


  • Extremely fast performing pump
  • Waterproof touch
  • Extra thick flocking
  • Backed with a one-year warranty.


  • Can be damaged easily when mishandled
  • Slightly tall for daybed purpose

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7. Modway Aveline 8 Inch Gel Memory Twin Mattress

You should only choose the best twin mattress for daybed that affects and provides a good sleep quality. You will not enjoy the comfort with the wrong mattress, and you will suffer from other health and body problems.

Featuring two foam layers, including polyfoam and memory foam, the twin mattress is highly suitable and recommended for side sleepers. The 7-inch poly foam helps maintain your body’s alignment, while the gel memory foam relieves pressure on shoulders and hip and gives a comfortable sinking feel.

With open cell ventilated memory foam, the mattress reduces the motion transfer between people and provides relief from pains and aches. Moreover, the cooling gel mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, which means it is free from harmful chemicals.

The high-quality material of the mattress takes the shape of your body by providing a pleasant feel and relief to the shoulder and lumbar region. Additionally, the mattress comes with a removable stretch knit diamond patterned cover. It helps to make the fabric more breathable as you sleep.

The twin mattress comes rolled and vacuum packed in a box that takes about four hours to expand when opened. The sturdy construction with wood slat and strong coated steel ensures long-lasting durability and support.


  • Helps to relieve pressure points
  • Includes removable stretch knit cover
  • Built from high-quality materials
  • Equipped with ventilated gel-infused foam and responsive base foam
  • Boats cooling open-cell technology


  • For some users, a mattress might be too firm
  • Has a certain chemical smell

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8. Zinus 6 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

What Green Tea signifies? Free from toxic substances and a rejuvenating drink. That’s what this twin mattress is all about, giving you a rejuvenating and refreshing rest. With moisture-absorbing active charcoal and green tea conform to your body shape while relieving you from pressure points.

The twin mattress is comprised of two foams for effective durability and support. One is one-inch conforming memory foam, and the second, 5-inch high-density base support foam. Thus, it makes the mattress ideal for average-weight and back sleepers.

The high-quality materials make the mattress safe to use and long-lasting. Moreover, it is CertiPUR-US certified, which increases the durability and performance. Where most mattresses use petroleum, Zinus uses Bio-Foam to keep the strong smell away and retain freshness all the time.

Though the mattress comes fully packed, its structure remains stable. The patent technology enables easy compression and rolling for storage and shipping. Furthermore, the mattress can support 250 pounds of maximum weight.


  • High-quality foam
  • Perfectly conforms to your body shape
  • Equipped with Bio-Foam technology to retain freshness
  • Provides superior comfort and support


  • Doesn’t fully inflate up to six inches
  • Sometimes have a strong smell

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Best Twin Mattress for Daybed – Buying Guide

The best daybed mattress is great for a perfect sleep during the day or at night. You can also use the mattress as a couch to watch movies while relaxing. But, do you know the essential factors you need to consider before purchasing the twin mattress? No? Let’s discuss them in our buying guide.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Twin Mattress for Daybed

After reading the reviews, you must have found your best twin mattress for daybed, and you must be ready to purchase. But before you do, you need to consider few things. It’s always better to research than selecting the wrong product.

Below, you will find several factors on which your purchasing decision should depend.

Material of Mattress

Materials determine the quality and comfort of the mattress. While looking for the material, you need to consider the material’s reaction when you sit on it.

The mattress with softer materials is great for sleeping. However, for the best twin mattress for daybed, you should consider a firmer material that offers a nice feeling as you sit. In a firmer foam mattress, you need to think about the indentation left on the mattress when people sit on it.

Some other materials used in twin mattresses are pure silk, wool, or spring mattresses. They don’t have the same issue as a firmer foam mattress.

Coil Spring or Memory Foam

Best daybed mattress is equipped with various forms, including innerspring, hybrid, latex, or memory foam. Each variety is different from one another. Most of these mattresses are ideally designed for sitting purposes in comparison to a normal bed. Therefore, the weight will be more on particular areas rather than spreading on the whole mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress is better as they can handle the maximum weight and can regain their shape naturally. On the other hand, the innerspring and coil mattress may not handle the excess pressure. As a result, the spring will get loose, and the mattress will have uneven surfaces.


The ideal thickness for the best twin mattress for daybed should be 8-10 inches. These mattresses come with enough padding for more comfort. Also, the thickness offers a comfortable and convenient sloping angle.

With this thickness, the height of the mattress frame must be about 22 inches. That way, you will have a comfortable sleeping and sitting position.

Size of Mattress

What should be the right size for a daybed mattress? As we mentioned above, the ideal size is 75 X 39 inches. If you want a narrow twin mattress, you should look for a 75 X 30 inches mattress. You have other options as well, such as full size and queen size, but they all end up taking more floor space.

Lastly, you have the option to get your twin mattress customized. You can exactly describe your details to get your custom-made twin mattress.


Firmness depends on your sleep routine on the mattress. If you are using the twin mattress as a bed, you should look for a mattress with 8-inches thickness to enjoy a comfortable sleep. These mattresses come with firm construction. Thus, it will reduce the compression on pressure points for you to experience comfort on a level surface.


A daybed is altogether different from a real or normal bed. So, there is a difference in cost between the two, and daybed mattresses are affordable than normal bed mattresses. This is because you are going to use the daybed mattress occasionally.

According to your budget, you can find your preferred daybed mattress as it is available in different price ranges.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some doubts, we will try to clear all of them in our FAQ section.

1.    What Is the Best Mattress for Daybed?

For the daybed, almost all the mattresses work well, so you don’t have to search for a particular model that is designed explicitly for the daybed. Everything comes down to how comfortable the mattress is while you sleep or sit on it.

If you are sleeping on the daybed, it should be supportive and comfortable as per your sleeping style. And if the daybed is used for occasional lounging or sitting, you can look for a firmer mattress.

2.    What Is Twin Mattress Best for Daybed?

There is no top or low-quality twin mattress. All you need to find what suits you the most and provide you with enough comfort. However, you can look for twin mattresses among popular brands such as Lucid, Signature Sleep, and Zinus. These are well-known brands in terms of providing mattresses with high-quality materials, comfort, and performance.

3.    Can You Use Daybed for Sleeping All the Time?

Yes, you can use a daybed for sleeping, but you need to find the mattress that is on the firmer side. For example, Zinus Ultima 8 inch twin mattress is an excellent example of a sleeping mattress. With firmer construction, it reduces compression and offers comfortable sleep. Nevertheless, some medium-firm mattresses also work well for sleeping all day.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to searching for the best twin mattress for daybed, we have different requirements and preferences. As there are plenty of options in the market, you cannot select the one without knowing how to go about purchasing. That is the reason we have provides you with eight detailed reviews of the best daybed mattress to help you.

All our reviewed twin mattresses offer high-quality performance as they are made with high-quality material ensuring long-lasting durability. You can make a comparison between the twin mattresses based on features, comfort, and cost.

So, enjoy reading our reviews and pick the one that matches your requirements.

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