How To Compress Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

You got your memory foam mattress delivered in a relatively small package, and you are wondering how to compress it back to make a hassle-free move-out? Then, here are a few steps on how to compress your memory foam mattress topper easily.

Compress Memory FoamIf you have moved out earlier or ever got stuck in the situation where you have to pack a gigantic mattress, then you may know that the comfort it gives, completely turns into a pain. But, you just realized that the first time you bought your memory foam mattress, it came in a compact packaging, which definitely tells us that there is a way to compress it and move it easily.

Luckily, the companies producing these mattresses have specialised machines for packing it, which you are not going to buy, and you obviously shouldn’t because there is an easy to do DIY method to compress your large mattress, for an easy carriage.

Things you would require

  1. Mattress Bag – You need the right size, biodegradable plastic mattress bag that can easily and efficiently cover the mattress.
  2. Tie Down Strap – For double-checking and for keeping hold of the mattress in place, if the tapes create any doubts on the hold.
  3. Duct tape – get a high-quality duct tape that is acceptably sticky but not too sticky that it damages the plastic while unwrapping. So, keep an eye on the stickiness of the duct tape.
  4. Vacuum bag – You don’t need a very large vacuum bag as a smaller one and can easily attach its valve to the regular plastic bag.

Steps To compress

  1. Get rid of the Bedding – The foremost step is to remove the sheets, any sort of protectors, and make the mattress bare. Free of any extras.
  2. Slide into the bag – The next step is to put the mattress into the plastic bag. If the bag is of the right size, it will easily slide in.
  3. Seal it tight – In this step, you have to double-check that the mattress is nicely secured and sealed tightly inside. To not have any second chances or mistakes, duct tape the edges firmly. Now tape the valve of the vacuum bag to the plastic bag. After this, you will have to make a hole in the plastic, to bring the valve through it. Don’t forget to seal the hole you made, with the tape efficiently, so that it’s airtight.
  4. Vacuum Out – Now, you have to attach the hose of your vacuum to the valve. Then, turn on the vacuum. You will see that air is getting sucked out, and the blanket is compressing.
  5. Roll up the mattress – When the mattress is completely flattened, to an extent required, keeping it in a horizontal, you will start rolling it. Make sure there is no room for air inside.
  6. Tie it up – The last step, once you finish rolling up the mattress, strap tie it. So, if anything breaks apart, the tie-down straps will keep your mattress intact.

Some useful tips to remember

  • Use a good amount of tie-down straps to tie down your mattress. It gives extra protection to the mattress and prevents it from expanding even if the plastic breaks.
  • Keep your rolled bundle horizontal, always. Keeping it in a vertical position can be harmful.
  • And of course, the right size of the mattress bag is important. The smaller size won’t let it fit in. On the other hand, the bigger size can make the process difficult to a great extent.


You don’t have to worry about moving your memory foam mattresses anymore. With the little help of these simple types of equipment and DIY steps, you can easily compress memory foam topper.

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