How To Store A Mattress Topper

Are you looking for ways to store your mattress topper? Here is the perfect guide that will clear your doubts about how to storing mattress toppers.

A mattress topper saves you the burden of buying a fresh mattress and can offer a great deal of comfort. With the added assistance of a mattress topper, your original mattress becomes much more convenient to manage. But no matter how soft and small they appear to be, they can be rather difficult to store.

Not taking proper measures while storing a mattress topper can cause unwanted growth of molds, dust accumulation, and even irreversible creasing. Their shape and form can also make it difficult for one to store them without prior knowledge. To avoid damaging your mattress topper and ensuring its longevity, make sure you’re keeping it the way it should be kept. To learn the right approach on storing your mattress topper, read on!

Properly Clean your Mattress Topper

Mattress TopperIt is necessary to clean your mattress topper well before you finally put it away in the storage. Get rid of the stains and dust well to prevent the growth of unwanted molds or mildew on your mattress topper. They are a storehouse of germs and skin particles, which shouldn’t be left inside while packing it up.

No amount of cleaning is ever enough for these toppers, but we should do as much as we can. It is very necessary to ensure that the mattress topper is stored safe from the destructive agents.

Instead of folding it, roll it!

After you clean the mattress topper well, dry it, and then make sure to roll it up. Most households don’t have excessive space to leave it all spread out for storage. Moreover, folding it will put a lot of strain on the creases, which can potentially damage it sooner or later. So, spreading out or folding up a mattress topper are highly unlikely options.

Rolling up the mattress topper and vacuum sealing it keeps its material intact and avoids any damage. Rolling it will not just make it convenient to handle, occupy lesser space, but it will also retain its strength.


Do not store it without a cover

Storing a mattress topper without a proper cover can highly deteriorate its quality. It becomes readily prone to all the harmful agents that are capable of damaging it. Storing it open even at a clean place does not ensure its safety from weathering and dust accumulation.

No matter how clean you think it is, it will never be clean enough. So, instead of taking any risk, it is recommended to keep it well insulated using good quality protective covering. It will keep away moisture, dust, germs, and bugs, thereby keeping it safe for long. So, right after rolling up your clean mattress topper, place it inside a protective storage bag.

Find the right storage bag

To store mattress toppers, you can either go with plastic bags or vacuum-sealed bags. The plastic bags might be much larger than required, but they are are the best suited for the purpose. However, vacuum-sealed bags can also be a great option for the storage of mattress topper.

These are much smaller as compared to the plastic bags but can still be used effectively. The original vacuum bags that come along with the mattress toppers can also be made well use of. These toppers come compressed in these vacuum storage bags, which are good enough to be reused for storing purposes.

Insulate the mattress toppers well

Some mattress toppers come with a removable mattress topper cover as well. After one gets the topper off the bed, one should remove this cover for cleaning these well before putting them away for storage. After the cleaning, these covers should be separately stored in another storage bag.

Plastic Bags:

After rolling up the mattress topper and placing it inside a plastic bag, one should make use of a rope or ratchet straps to guard it well. These things are inexpensive, easily available, and help tightly secure the mattress toppers. One can find a good grip on the rolled topper after tying it up well, which further makes it easy to carry and move it to the storage space.

Regular Mattress Bags:

If you are using a regular mattress bag for storing your mattress topper, you should make sure that you seal it properly. Using a duct tape can be used to secure it well to prevent it from getting deteriorated. Too sticky duct tapes can make it really difficult to unwrap and might even require to tear up the covering. So, use duct tape with a medium level of stickiness instead of the intense one in this case.

Vacuum-sealed Bags:

A vacuum storage bag comes with a valve that can be used to suck the air out of it. One can place the rolled mattress inside the vacuum bag and zip up the bag tight to make it air-tight. After this, attach the vacuum hose to the valve and empty out the packaging of all the air. Once the air is sucked out, one should quickly twist the storage bag according to your convenience and avoid air from getting in. To guard the packaging, one can make use of duct tapes, ropes, or ratchet straps to secure it and make it easy to handle.

Air out your mattress topper once in every six months

It is recommended to unwrap the packaging every six months to let the topper air out and return to its normal state. Allowing it to inflate will prevent the large lump formations and ease out the creasing.

However, most mattress toppers are developed to withstand the pressure for a long duration of time even without unfolding. Their shape and form will restore in some time without any crevice formation or any other unwanted damage.

Final verdict

From a foam mattress topper to a latex one, this approach of storing and securing it will be effective enough. A cotton mattress topper is more flexible, thereby allowing easy restoration of its form.

One can fold it without worrying about crevices unless it is strictly instructed not to. These packaging allow you to store your mattress topper anywhere from the basement, attic to a closet without any second thoughts. Following all the mentioned steps will ensure its longevity along with your convenience.

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