How To Use A Mattress Topper

Wondering how to use a mattress topper? There are quite a few things for you to know. So, keep reading to find out how you can use it.

Your bedroom should be like a place of meditation, calm and peaceful. This is why we believe in providing you the best accessories for healthy sleep. You grow up with your mattress, and it is very important that you choose the perfect fit for your body. Sleep patterns determine the overall health of a person.

A good night’s sleep means a good start to the day. In fact, sleeping is like healing. The first half of your sleep is physical recovery, while the second half, that is, the deep sleep is for mental recovery! A good mattress decides the pace of recovery, and hence, one must be attentive while furnishing a bedroom.

What are mattress Toppers, and why use them?

Mattress TopperWondering what a mattress topper is? Now, most of the users buy a perfect, soft, and bouncy mattress for themselves but often forget to take a look at mattress toppers. Although toppers have been in the market for quite a few years, customers don’t quite have an idea of what they do, and the question of its need prevails still. Toppers are essentially mattress covers that provide softness and cushioning to your mattress.

Since a lot of people use spring mattresses, their surface can be rigid or rough. A topper solves the problem and makes it as soft as a bed of roses.

Mattress Toppers are mainly designed to provide support and structure to your bed. They are also known to improve a user’s sleep as they provide comfort. If your mattress is worn out or getting shabby, then using a topper is the best way to revive it. Instead of having to dust the heave mattress, one can easily remove the topper and brush it once in a while, keeping the mattress fresh as new!

Here are a few tips and facts about mattress toppers so that the next time you fit one in your bed, you know the right way to do it.

Types of Mattress toppers

There is a big question mark when it comes to differentiating between a topper and a mattress pad. A topper is like a thick bed sheet that provides comfort while a pad is made of layers of thin material to prevent the penetration of dust, bugs, or dirt. Pads are thinner than toppers.

In old times toppers were made of egg crate foams. Like the name, the surface was designed like an egg crate to give a massage-like feeling to the user. However, due to the weight and side effects, its popularity declined. Now memory foam mattresses are most in use. They are like sponges, but instead of water, they retain heat and are extremely luxurious to sleep on.

Coming to the types of mattress toppers:

Memory foam

Memory foam, like the name, suggests, takes, or “memorizes” the shape of your body.  So say if you place your hand on it, it will mold and make a depression like that of your palm. The fun part is that it goes back to its original shape once the pressure is released. These mattresses are one of the best in the market and have lots of added benefits like resistance to dust and insects.

One downside of memory foam is that water seeps in through them, and they are high maintenance. Due to the presence of viscoelastic, they also tend to retain body heat. Hence there are memory foams available that have a mix of other components like a gel that helps maintain the body temperature and keep the up top cool.

Polyester and cotton-blend

These are cheap and readily available. They allow air to flow through them, but due to their open pores, they accumulate dust easily. They wear out easily as a result and might get lousy. However, they are used by many households, and with a bedsheet on top, they work just fine.

Feather mattress toppers

These are extremely soft and fluffy toppers. Made of feather-like material, they feel gentle and cozy. However, lumps tend to form on either side due to the filling inside them, and hence they must be maintained and dusted frequently.

Latex mattress toppers

These serve the purpose of keeping dust and mites away most efficiently. The material is expensive, but great if you live in dry and dusty areas. Although due to their composition, they oxidize over time and change color.

The type of mattress you choose depends on your budget, requirement, and comfort. But the mattress topper you choose is what adds the charm to your bed and sleep. Mattress toppers are great for people with joint or back problems. They not only keep the bed solid and firm but, at the same time, feel smooth and velvety, killing two birds with one stone! What’s better than that?

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