Mlily Serenity Mattress Review

Mlily is an international mattress manufacturing brand. The company is most recognized for its global partnership with Manchester United. Mlily produces complete bedding solutions from mattresses, pillows, and toppers to adjustable bases and mattress protectors.

When it comes to mattresses, Mlily offers some incredibly relaxed and comfortable products at various price ranges. Their Serenity range is among its most affordable mattresses providing optimum comfort and durability. In this article, let us have a detailed look at Mlily’s Serenity Mattress.

Review Summary

Let’s have a quick look at the Mlily Serenity Mattress review summary before get down to the details.


  • The mattress is made of entirely natural materials
  • You get to witness the safest and most natural luxury in comparison to synthetic material mattresses
  • The medium firmness is created to cater to a more extensive customer base
  • Versatile usage option due to medium firmness
  • Perfect balance and support
  • Great mattress for back sleepers and people with back problems
  • Allows easy movement while sleeping
  • Affordable yet luxurious mattress


  • Requires at least three days to settle, especially after you buy it online
  • The ridge foaming design is not favorable for some users
  • The mattress’s weight is on the heavier side
  • Even though the foaming perfect for pressure relief on paper, the mattress fails to deliver in this aspect


  • Weight – 100 pounds
  • Thickness – 13 inches
  • Delivery Format – Vacuum packed, rolled, and compressed in a box
  • Delivery Details – Free shipping and returns
  • Mattress Type – Memory Foam
  • Firmness – 4-6
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Warranty – 10-years

What Is the Mlily Serenity Mattress Made Of?

The Mlily Serenity Mattress is made of three foam layers. Each layer serves a specific purpose in making the mattress durable, comfortable, and affordable.

All the materials used to make the Mlily Serenity Mattress are entirely natural and renewable. Some of these materials include bamboo, aloe vera, and castor. The mattress is known for its CertiPUR-US certification. This means that the materials don’t contain mercury, lead, phthalates, formaldehyde, ozone depleters, or chemical flame retardants.

The mattress’s structure ensures good support and pressure relief. The breathable and cooling materials are also great for temperature regulation. Let’s have a brief overlook of the mattress’ layers.

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Bottom Layer

The bottom layer is about 20 cm thick. It is made of dense 25D Foam. It provides a strong base to the soft memory foam and prevents the mattress from sagging into the bed frame.

Middle Layer

The 6cm middle layer is made of 50D gel memory foam. The gel composes of Aloe Vera properties and allows the mattress to be cool at all times. The 3rd generation memory foam employed by the company doesn’t require heat to contour. It is quick to respond to weight to change shape and get back to its original form when needed.

Top Layer

The 7-inch top layer is made of 55D smart foam. This layer is responsible for the mattress to be soft. However, it also prevents the memory foam from making the user sink into their bed.


The most comforting part of the mattress’s structure is its cover. Its first purpose is to bring the three layers together. However, the secondary function allows the mattress to be excellent. The cover is made of 40% bamboo fibers for breathability and comfort.

How Does the Mlily Serenity Mattress Feel?

Even though the Mlily Serenity is one of the company’s cheapest products, its functioning is nothing short of luxuriousness.

The 3rd generation gel memory foam has the ability to contour according to your body’s shape without heat. Therefore, it reduces partner disturbances and gives a premium sleeping experience. The smart foam top layer doesn’t allow the mattress to change its shape permanently. Therefore, as soon as you get off the bed, it will get back to its original form.

The gel-based memory foam is perfect for optimum temperature regulation. Its medium firmness allows the mattress to be suitable for almost all sleeping positions and temperature preferences. However, the thick smart foam hinders motion transfer at times.

The softest layer of this mattress is the middle one. It allows for the soft smart foam to blend well into the dense, hard base foam. Therefore, you will not feel any awkward firmness or softness a few years after using the mattress.

As mentioned above, the best part of this mattress is its hypoallergenic soft cover. Since this cover is made of soft and porous bamboo fibers, it is very comfortable, safe, and breathable.

Firmness Scale – 5/10

A mattress’s main judgment criteria is its firmness. However, this is a very subjective parameter of judgment. While most people prefer the feel of soft mattresses, some like firm mattresses.

To cater to a large variety of sleepers, the Mlily Serenity mattress has medium firmness. Therefore, it is neither too soft for stomach sleepers, not too firm for side and back sleepers. On a scale of 1-10, the Mlily Serenity Mattress’ lies around 5.

Not only is the firmness important to judge the mattress’s comfort, but also its utility. Soft mattresses are not generally great for the back since they provide too much pressure relief and allow the body to sink into the mattress. However, firm mattresses are perfect for easing back or neck pain.

Therefore, this mattress will allow you and your guests or partners to have a comfortable and ergonomic sleeping experience.

Pressure Relief 4/10

Even though the Mlily Serenity has a medium firmness, it is not the best at providing good pressure relief. Even though the thick gel memory foam is designed for pressure relief, the effect is neutralized by the other two layers.

The mattress is good for equalizing your spine initially. However, as the memory foam begins to contour under your weight, it might remove the optimum functionality.

If you have severed joints, neck, or back issues, we cannot recommend this mattress. However, for general sleepers, the pressure relief is neutral.

Mlily Serenity Mattress Performance

Let’s look at the overall review of some of the most important considerations about the Mlily Serenity Mattress. This quick rundown will allow us to have an idea about the mattress’s overall performance.


The natural materials used to construct the Mlily Serenity Mattress cost the product some of its durability. However, the company still markets it as an extremely durable product. Since the best indicator for durability is the warranty, let’s consider that.

The company offers a 100-night trial period along with a 10-year warranty. This is not a lot of relief in durability since some premium products come with a lifelong warranty. However, considering the price, you can get the mattress for, its acceptable.


The gel memory foam ensures sound absorption in the mattress. With a topping of the thick smart foam layer, the mattress can absorb most motion sounds. Much like Mlily’s other products, the Serenity mattress allows you to have a quiet and comfortable slumber.


The Mlily Serenity Mattress expansion process is the worst part of the mattress. It is the reason why you will have to wait for at least two to three days to allow the mattress to set in. The requirement for an hour’s isolation while expanding makes things worse.

Even though the mattress is made of natural materials, it does emit a woody and unpleasant smell. It takes some time for the smell to dissipate. Therefore, we recommend not expanding it in your bedroom. There is no risk of off-gassing with the Mlily Serenity Mattress.


Cooling is one of the strongest suits of the Mlily Serenity Mattress. The Aloe vera infused gel memory foam allows your body to stay cool at all times. The cover’s bamboo-based material is great for increasing the mattress’s breathability, and hence, cooling.

Airflow throughout the mattress is not an issue. Since the memory foam doesn’t require heat to contour, there is no need for the 55D Smart foam to absorb too much heat from your body. Therefore, The Mlily Serenity mattress is considered a great purchase for people who like to sleep cool.

Frame Compatibility

As long as your bed frame and Mlily Serenity Mattress’ sizes are in sync, you’ll face no troubles. The mattress is most preferably used on traditionally spring box frames. However, if you are a lightweight sleeper, you can use it on a platform bed.

Sleeping Position Versatility

As we know, the mattress doesn’t provide a lot of pressure relief but has medium firmness. Therefore, it is perfect for stomach and combination sleepers. The mattress is also beneficial for lightweight back sleepers. However, side sleepers will have to use an adequate number and types of pillows to enhance their sleeping experience on the mattress.

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Mattress Sizing

The Mlily Serenity Mattress is a quality mattress sold at affordable prices. Given below are the different sizes’ details you can buy this mattress in.

Size Dimensions (centimeters) Weight (pounds) Height (centimeters)
Single 92 x 188 N/A 33
Single Long 92 x 203 N/A 33
Single King 107 x 203 100 33
Double 138 x 188 110 33
Queen 153 x 203 130 33
Queen Split 2 pieces – 76 x 203 130 33
King 183 x 203 140 33
King Split 2 pieces – 92 x 203 140 33


The Mlily Serenity Mattress is CertiPUR-US tested for non-toxic construction. The mattress’s fabrics are proven to meet Oeko-Tex Standards.

Mlily Serenity Mattress Review Final Verdict

Even though you can purchase the Mlily Serenity Mattress at a very affordable price, it is a perfect buy for people with back issues. Its medium firm base allows for comfortable position changes allowing you to sleep in almost all positions. Even though pressure relief is not the mattress’s strongest suit, it does allow you to be comfortable at all times.

The third-generation memory foam allows the mattress to take your body’s shape in no time. It doesn’t require heat to change shape allowing it to get back to its natural state in no time.

The mattress is made of natural materials. Therefore, it is safe to use by people with allergies. It is also an environmentally-sound product. Therefore, you get to enjoy a soft and comfortable sleep while being of help to the planet.


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