Serta Air Mattress Review – Is it any good?

With time, air mattresses have become the go-to option for many consumers, and not without reason. While not as big as a latex or spring mattress, its size is just what makes it popular. The small size of an air mattress means it allows you to make optimum use of bedroom space.

Since you can deflate these mattresses, you can easily store them away when you have no use for them. So, they will be handy whether you are a bit of a gypsy or looking to be the perfect host!

That said, finding the perfect air mattress to match your needs can be tricky. We understand that, so we put together a review of the Serta air mattresses line. Serta is one of the best in the biz so read on to know more about their line!

Serta Air Mattresses – Product Review

When it comes to air mattresses, you can never go wrong with one from Serta. With the company being one of the world’s largest bedding manufacturers, that is hardly a surprise. Yes, Serta serves more than 30 countries globally with more than 80 years of industry experience!

Suffice to say, sleeping on a Serta mattress is like spending the night on a cloud. However, since the line has quite a few options, you want to know what each air mattress offers. Then you will be able to make an informed choice on one that best fits your requirements!

1. Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

The Serta Raised Never Flat air mattress is perhaps one of the most popular ones in the line. Buyers can choose between two sizes, the Twin and the Queen. However, the stand-out feature of this bed is its pump system.

The air mattress comes with two pumps instead of just one. While the first pump inflates the bed, the second noiseless one pumps air to keep it inflated through the night. For this reason, Serta coins it, the Never Flat mattress.

The Queen-size mattress has dimensions of 78 x 60 x 18 inches. It also has 35 air coils, so it offers maximum support to the user’s body and gives a flat-bed feel. If you do not care for the firmness, you can always readjust it with your comfortable multi-functional pump.

Since the mattress is 18″ high, it feels much like getting in and out of your standard bed. Not to mention, its flocked top makes it super soft and also improves its resistance to punctures. Users can expect this mattress to inflate and deflate in four minutes, which is pretty fast for one this size.


  • Eliminates sagging
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a carry bag and repair kit
  • Good for back pain


  • Indentations may be too deep for some
  • Initial plastic smell

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2. Serta Raised Queen Pillow Top Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Part of the NeverFLAT line, the Serta Raised Pillowtop Mattress also comes with a set of two pumps. So once again, you have one pump for initial inflation and another for monitoring pressure as you sleep. A beneficial feature of the primary pump is it has an auto shut-off feature, turning off itself once inflation is complete.

The mattress has a lot more in common with the Serta Raised Never Flat Mattress. It has 35 inner coils for extra steadiness and comfort, besides being 18 inches high for a traditional bed-like feel.

The feature that sets this mattress apart is, you guessed it, the pillowtop! It makes this air bed with dimensions of 78 x 60 x 18 inches extra comfortable. Not to mention, it is also super easy to care for since it is washable.

Quality materials that are both puncture and water-resistant go into manufacturing the top. You can also expect it to do an efficient job of keeping your sheets in place. The perfect size for a dorm or guest room; this air mattress can hold up to 500 lbs of weight.


  • Comfortable washable pillowtop
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Does not collect body heat


  • May stretch with use

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3. Serta EZ Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

If portability is your primary concern with an air mattress, look no further than the Serta EZ bed. Perhaps the one air mattress with the most resemblance to a real bed; it comes with a frame. Fold it up, and it is ready to go with you on your next backpacking trip!

Despite having dimensions of 78 x 60 x 9. 5 inches, it folds down to only 2 x 3 ft. Not to mention, it even has wheels for you to pull it around like a suitcase conveniently. Without a doubt, this mattress is the best travel companion out there!

Besides, the Serta EZ mattress shares many features similar to the NeverFLAT line. So expect this mattress to come with their trademark pump system and have quick inflation and deflation times. It also allows you to adjust mattress firmness like the other Serta beds.

However, unlike other beds in the line, it uses only a single mattress to allow portability. Rest assured, this does not take away from the comfort of this bed. So you can use it without investing in a mattress topper.


  • Wheels for portability
  • Folds to a small size
  • Single mattress for travel ease


  • Thin seams

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4. Serta Basic Raised Air Mattress with External AC Pump

The Serta Basic Raised mattress is another that comes in two sizes, including Twin and Queen. The bed dimensions are 74 x 39 x 17 inches for the twin and 78 x 60 x 15 inches for the Queen. Despite being a tad shorter than the other mattresses, it is still easy to get in and out of it.

It is similar to other beds in the line, with its internal 35 air coil system. However, that is where the likeness comes to an end. The Serta Basic mattress has a single external pump for quick inflation and deflation purposes. Leakage will be the least of your worries with this air mattress!

The mattress also has a double-flocked top making it super soft to allow that extra bit of comfort. Not to mention, it does an excellent job of holding similarly sized sheets in place.

The Serta Basic air mattress is, in essence, one of the most affordable beds out there. Besides, it is also one that provides the most value in this price range.


  • No refilling needed
  • Plastic cover for inflation hole
  • Easy to set up


  • The seal may loosen over time

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Air Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Sometimes going through the pros and cons of a product isn’t enough to determine which mattress is for you. For this reason, we put together a list of the primary factors you need to consider before making a choice! With this, you will surely be able to narrow down your options and find the air bed of your dreams.


When choosing an air mattress, size is a factor you cannot overlook. For instance, if you intend to have two people sleeping on your bed, a twin will not hold that capacity. So you will need to step up to a Queen size mattress instead.

You also need to consider the storage size of the air mattress, depending on its purpose. If you need to travel, a bed with a double mattress will not be the most convenient.

Pump System

Remember to check the inflation system for an air mattress because some still come with a foot or hand pump. An automatic pump is far more convenient for filling up your air bed. Not to mention, it makes refilling a piece of cake too.


A pretty common problem with air mattresses is that they often develop air leaks. While you can always patch and repair these, it is better to have insurance for the off-chance that you cannot. For this reason, you should make purchases from reputable companies as they will always offer you a warranty on products.

Sheet Holding Features

Most people will agree that sleeping on crinkly plastic is not ideal. So air mattresses should have features that allow them to hold sheets in place, like traditional beds. Some mattresses might accomplish this through fuzzy surfaces, while others may have hooks on the side.

If you are opting for a single-height mattress, this will not be a concern for you. Single air mattresses can tuck sheets pretty well without additional features.

Wrap Up

The search for the perfect air mattress can seem like a challenging one, but Serta makes it easy for you. The reputed brand offers quite a few air mattresses, so finding one that suits your needs will not be difficult. Of course, their products do have flaws, but most of these are minor.

Not to mention, the quality and patented technology of the company more than makes up for it. From providing guests a good nights’ rest to a traveling buddy for your trip, Serta has a mattress for you. With the pros, cons, and buyer’s guide in this article, finding your perfect air bed will be a cinch!

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